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The probate administration process is the identification and collection of assets of someone who has passed away.  The deceased person or decedent’s assets are then used to pay their debts, if any, and then distributed to the beneficiaries of the estate.  Our office has done extensive work with heir property issues.  Heir property is real estate that is owned by the heirs of the decedent but has not been through the probate administration process.  The heirs are considered to be “heirs at law” but not “heirs of record”.  This means that although the heirs have rights to the real estate, their actions are limited because they are not owners in official records. As generations pass, the number of heirs grows larger and larger thus creating a very confusing and expensive situation.  Heir property can present problems when attempting to secure a loan on the real estate, attempting to transfer property or even renting space on the real estate. The probate administration process can at times seem daunting and overwhelming whether you are dealing with many decedents or just one.  It is important that families use competent legal counsel during this difficult time.  Spencer Law Group is ready and willing to resolve your probate matters thoroughly and with care. 

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